Subway’s T.L.C sub

As you can see I really showed some restraint when it came to Subway…

Starting off Veganuary on a high because this sub way amazing! The ‘chicken’ is so close to real chicken. It is a little bit rubbery, but when in a sandwich you really do not notice it at all. It is also completely plain, so you can add whatever you like to the rest of the sub and not have any over powering flavours with it.

I added lettuce, tomato, cucumber, sweet corn and also added their sweet onion sauce along with the vegan cheese. Usually with subs they make me feel quite fat and bloated (makes sense when the courts ruled that the bread is too sugary to be deemed bread!) but this one was so light. It was filling though, so one foot-long sub was a really nice, comfortable meal.

I honestly cannot fault this. The fact that you add what you want to it is great, but that new chicken is honestly life changing. Subway, if you see this, if you wanted to release the chicken as a stand along product I reckon you could make an absolute fortune. Well done!

Overall: 10/10. This is my new go to option!

T xxx

2020 favourites

As we near the end of the year and also the end of my first full year of Taylor Tries, I thought it would be fun to go back through and list what my overall winners of this year were. Then next year, I can go through the list and see what has changed!

Best Cheese: Vitalite – shredded or slices, both are fantastic!

Best Burgers: Linda McCartney’s Pulled pork burgers

Best Cookies: Oreo fudge brownie

Best Sausage Roll: Wenzels – full review to follow!

Best Pizza: M&S Three Cheese vegan pizza

Best Dessert: M&S Chocolate cherry pots

Best sausages: Richmond

Best restaurant: Wagamamas – Fingers crossed in 2021 we can be reunited once more!

Best home recipe: Mac and Cheese

What have been some of your favourite finds this year? Veganuary beckons in the New Year so no doubt I will have tons of new stuff to review for you all.

Happy New Year everyone! Thank you to every single one of you lovely people who has stopped by this year and followed my little blog. I appreciate you all so much and am so thankful that so many people have joined me on this little venture. I hope 2021 brings you happiness and more luck than 2020 has…stay safe everyone and I shall see you all next year!

T xxx

Kokoro vegan sushi

This is a new place that opened up in my town earlier this year. Due to the constant lockdowns around me I also haven’t been able to check this place out. But with Christmas over, I finally took the chance! Upon research, Kokoro is a chain store, but this is the first time I have ever actually come across one before.

I got the vegan sushi (avocado and cucumber rolls) and some vegetable gyozas. There isn’t much to say about them really. They tasted really fresh – as though they had just been cooked that day – and were very very yummy. It doesn’t look like a lot of food but it was definitely very filling. But also very moreish so be warned! Are sushi comas a thing? Because I feel I could very easily find out…

They were slightly expensive (£6 all together) but sushi is always a bit more expensive than most ‘fast food’ options.

Overall: 9/10. This was so good! Definitely worth the high price tag.

T xxx

Plant Chef sausage rolls

There are some days when I just can’t be bothered to eat healthy and on those days I end up making a little medley of snacks to have for dinner, rather than an actual meal. Yet again, Plant Chef from Tesco are adding some brilliant party food to their collection so we tried out their mini sausage rolls.

There isn’t much to say about these….they are sausage rolls and they are small. A packet seems to come with 30 rolls (although we have had a few packets that have a few extra!) and they take 20 minutes to cook in the oven. I find the only downside is that they are very flaky, which for me also makes them pretty dry. But if you like super flaky rolls then these are probably right up your alley!

They are also pretty cheap, with a packet costing around £3 (price seems to vary throughout the year and are sometimes discounted if you have a clubcard) so are clearly perfect if you have a big party to cater for. Or if you just really enjoy sausage rolls. They are also surprisingly filing: I’m normally quite satisfied with only 3-4, although my partner can manage about 5-6. So in theory one packet could probably last you a decent amount of time if you’re just having them for snacks.

Overall: 6/10. They are good for parties and snacks but nothing too special.

T xxx

Plant Menu BBQ Jackfruit Pizza

I am very impressed with Aldi! Their vegan range is huge and it is so affordable. Now think the majority of my shopping will be from there for most of my vegan goodies!

I saw this pizza in the freezer section and thought it was a potential replicate of the Chicago Town pizza from before. AKA my favourite pizza. It looks identical but as only £1.50. Needless to say I was very excited to try it.

For the most part it does taste more or less exactly the same. It doesn’t taste like a frozen pizza. The only downside is that it is thin crust…which personally I am not a big fan of. If I am eating a pizza I want it to be thick and doughy and to add twenty pounds to my thighs as soon as I set eyes on it. However, if you are a fan of thin crust pizzas than I would recommend you try this one.

The other difference is of course there is no stuffed crust, which again you can decide for yourself whether you prefer that or not. Personally, I find that a stuffed crust fills me up way too quickly and I end up not fully finishing the pizza. With this Aldi one though, I finished the whole thing and was still slightly hungry afterwards, most likely due to the fact that it was a thin crust. If this had a thicker base, then this would be a VERY strong contender for favourite pizza.

Overall: 8/10. A solid effort. If they ever release a thick crust version then this pizza may just take the top spot!

T xxx

CrepeAffaire: brownies and creme

My god these were sugary! I’m very impressed I didn’t go into sugar shock after the second bite.

CrepeAffaire are somewhat new to me, as I have only ever seen one store and that was in a local town near me. They do offer a pretty decent amount of vegan options though so really it would have been rude of me not to try at least one!

*Insert drooling face here*

These were…ok. They were so sugary though so I couldn’t really tell if that was what was throwing me off. The brownies were also more like fudge, so when you ate them your mouth was practically glued shut with chocolate. Then again, if I was to chose a way to go out, death by chocolate would be my chosen option! So I guess that’s kind of a win…

This was however very expensive. £7!! For a crepe!!?? Mate….no. That is very expensive for not really all that much. It was good to try but honestly I don’t think I could afford to go back there on a regular basis.

Overall: 6/10. They’re alright. Big servings of sugar. Very tasty sugar, but sugar none of the less.

T xxx

Vegan bacon rashers

A new vegan find! And this one just doesn’t make sense….

Bacon rasher crisps…that are labelled suitable for vegans. Like…WHAT?! The world really is bizarre sometimes. It just goes to show that vegans can eat a huge variety of foods….and not all vegan food is obviously vegan.

I tried these this week for a little something different and dear me are these dangerous. They smell like bacon and they have that slight smokey flavour to them, but other than that they just taste like crisps. That being said, I could easily sit there and munch my way through the entire bag by myself in one sitting if no one takes the bag away from me. So you have been warned!

They were also 80p at my Tesco (not sure if that price varies place to place) so are a super cheap way of tricking some friends and blowing a few minds.

A nice accidentally vegan find for you guys to try! Let me know if there are any other types that I should look out for.

T xxx

No Porkies Sausage Rolls

The find of the year! I have heard some pretty good things about these sausage rolls, but hadn’t been able to find them anywhere near me to try them myself. But yet again the vegan gods smiled upon me and I managed to pick myself up a pack!

My word are these things good. It may be a bold statement but these are just as good – dare i even say better?! – than the Greggs sausage rolls.

I KNOW. Big claim right there. But I feel this is warranted.

These things are SO GOOD. As I say they taste almost identical to the Greggs sausage rolls, but because you can cook them yourself at home, you can get them while they are still hot and crispy. The pastry is lovely and flaky and yet doesn’t leave a massive mess of crumbs around you while you eat (as so very often happens when you have anything pastry based).

You also get 6 of them in a packet for £2 and they take 20 minutes to cook. They are frozen but you cannot taste that when you cook them. They don’t come out all soggy or really dry. Honestly this is probably one of our most successful finds this year!

Overall: 10/10. These are basically cook your own Gregg’s sausage rolls. You can’t go wrong!

T xxx

No Bull Steaks

Another No Bull product for you and this time I thought I would try a steak. Now I don’t think I have ever had a steak in my life – even when I did eat met there is just something unappealing about having a massive chunk of meat just lying on your plate. So because of that I have never sought out a steak alternative. But then I saw these on offer and decided to give them a go.

First of all these steaks are really pretty small. The picture below does not exaggerate. Due to their size we had them with some chips and some left over garlic bread, because alone these things are not enough for a proper meal. At least…not by my standards!

Secondly they do not taste like steak. At least not how I thought they were taste. As they made out of mushrooms, these steaks taste like mushrooms. Now don’t get me wrong, they’re still pretty yummy, but if you don’t like mushrooms you probably won’t like this. Mushrooms are also a pretty wet food, so these steaks were juicy. But again, they just tasted like mushrooms. Perhaps if you had a sauce or something then it may taste a bit different?

And lastly, these were kind of disappointing. They tasted nice, sure, but only because I like mushrooms. They definitely do not have the texture of steak (or meat for that matter) and you can definitely tell that you are eating mushrooms that have just been shaped into a triangle. It would probably be cheaper and quicker to just fry up some mushrooms and shape them yourself, rather than hunting for these in a supermarket and waiting for them to cook.

Overall: 5/10. These are fine…if you wanted something steak-y without it tasting or feeling like steak, then this is great. But it’s not really for me.

T xxx

The Vegan Factor Garlic Kievs

Spoiler alert….it’s bad.

I hadn’t heard of The Vegan Factor before, but when I saw that they do a garlic ‘chicken’ kiev, I decided to give it a try. Kievs are very hard to get wrong and are a staple comfort food in my family, so what could go wrong?


The answer is….everything. Unfortunately I only got the one photo and, possibly even more unfortunately, this was as good as it got.

There is not one redeeming factor about these. At least not so far as I am concerned. The inside is tofu based, and as with all tofu it can be very hard to get right. When you bite into this, it just doesn’t taste of anything. The breadcrumbs are crunchy for all of one bite, but there was so much oil and grease (as seen in the photo above) that it just became soggy really quickly.

The inside is just tofu. There is some sort of garlic paste in it but you cannot taste it. Not even a little bit. And I made sure to take a mouthful from the very centre, making sure to get breadcrumbs and tofu and loads of the garlic paste, and still it tasted of….nothing. It was just…tofu. But tofu with absolutely no flavourings or spices or sauces or marinades and I also have a nasty feeling that it wasn’t properly drained or prepared before the tofu was cooked with the breadcrumbs.

We took one bite and couldn’t stomach any more. Trust me, I tried so hard to eat as much as possible so as not to waste any food and to also give it a proper try. But it was just not to be. Which was really disappointing because it looked really yummy and it did smell great coming out of the oven. But it really was like chewing paper mache: soggy, tasteless mush. And while I am no where near a master Tofu Cooker, even I know that tofu needs some sort of seasoning to taste of anything, so I don’t kn ow how (or why) these kievs had zero done to them.

Overall: 1/10. They look nice in the packet and the logo is quite cute. Other than that, only eat these if you like the taste of mushy books.

T xxx