Hula Hoop potato chips

Have you ever looked at Hula Hoops and thought ‘These would be so much better if they were actual roast potatoes’? No? Well….clearly someone at Iceland did…

My mind cannot quite understand why you would turn potato chip crisps into…potato chips. Like are they not the same thing? Just the crisps are cooked for way longer and are way thinner? Like are these not just really fat crisps?!

The confusion doesn’t end once you eat them either. Because they taste exactly like Hula Hoops. The texture is the real thing that gives them away though because they aren’t crispy…they’re like somewhat soggy crisps. But they do not taste stale. I am probably not explaining this well but the whole situation confuses me greatly. Even more so when they even look like massive Hula Hoops.

They taste exactly like Hula Hoops, so that’s great because Hula Hoops are definitely top tier crisps and I honestly could eat a huge pack of Hula Hoops unaided with no hesitation. But the texture makes your brain think you’re eating crisps that you accidentally spilled water on first. They definitely do not crisp up like you would expect roast potatoes to do so…but if they did get super crispy would they not just become really big Hula Hoop crisps?

The bag is massive and it did only cost £2, so in that sense it is really good value for money because the bag is also really filled up. So if you try them and like them, they could be a really good staple for those lazy cooking days.

Unfortunately I am not one of those people. Someone send help. Clearly my brain is not ready for this.

Overall: 3/10. Just eat the crisps. Save yourself the headache.

T xxx

Vegan Cookie cereal

I do appreciate that these are not the most healthy of breakfasts….but as I was off all of last week, I decided to treat it as a holiday and on holiday any sort of healthy eating or diet goes out of the window. I can have cookies for breakfast and cereal for dinner for all it matters. Which is exactly what I did!

Finally had a full trip to my local Aldi store and let me say….Aldi is definitely stocking all of the cheap vegan food. The joy of Aldi has always been seeing all of the knock-off brands (McVooties instead of McVities type deal) and usually these knock-offs are accidentally vegan. Now I never got to try Cookie Crisp cereal, because as a child they were too sugary and as an adult they were never vegan. But I found these! And now I can finally have cookies for breakfast and not have any comments made!

These are pretty good. They do not taste that chocolatey and are actually pretty crunchy straight out of the box. Personally, I like to let this cereal sit in the milk for a little bit so that the cookies soften up a bit and I don’t chip a tooth on them. But they do have that ‘cookies and cream’ flavour to them.

PANDA BOWL! You can imagine how excited I was when I found an entire dinner set with panda faces on them….

SIDE NOTE: This product was labelled as vegetarian and for the life of me I could not see anything on the ingredients that would make it non-vegan. If anyone can spot why this is, do let me know! I know some brands don’t label things as vegan because of allergies and cross-contamination in the manufacturing process, but if there is some e-number I need to look out for moving forward do let me know!

Overall: 7/10. It is a nice cereal, but it is just cereal, and really how can you get cereal wrong?!

T xxx

Vegan bacon rashers

A new vegan find! And this one just doesn’t make sense….

Bacon rasher crisps…that are labelled suitable for vegans. Like…WHAT?! The world really is bizarre sometimes. It just goes to show that vegans can eat a huge variety of foods….and not all vegan food is obviously vegan.

I tried these this week for a little something different and dear me are these dangerous. They smell like bacon and they have that slight smokey flavour to them, but other than that they just taste like crisps. That being said, I could easily sit there and munch my way through the entire bag by myself in one sitting if no one takes the bag away from me. So you have been warned!

They were also 80p at my Tesco (not sure if that price varies place to place) so are a super cheap way of tricking some friends and blowing a few minds.

A nice accidentally vegan find for you guys to try! Let me know if there are any other types that I should look out for.

T xxx

Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles Ice lollies

Another accidentally vegan find for you!

One of the best ice lollies around is the Rowntrees fruit pastilles. Unfortunately the candy that these are based off of are not vegan (*insert sobbing face here*) but these little gems are accidentally vegan. They consist of ice and fruit juice and taste exactly how you would think a fruit pastille would taste if it was frozen.


Again, these are what they say they are and are really easy to find in almost all convenience stores and local shops. They are also rather inexpensive (£2 for a packet of 4 at my local Tesco) and in the hot weather these are good to have on hand. They taste like candy and fruit – so that’s a win win in my books!

Overall: 8/10. Can’t go wrong with a good ice lolly.

T xxx

Tesco Vanilla and toffee Ice creams

With the heatwave that has talent he UK by storm this week, there was only one thing you can have for dinner…and that’s an ice cream!

Now as great as the Vegan Magnums and the Ben and Jerry’s ice creams are, they are still pretty expensive for what they are. Tesco have been stepping up their vegan range hugely lately: Granted, it is technically their ‘Free From’ range, but this does mean that a lot of their options are vegan friendly.


There isn’t much to say about them…they are vanilla and toffee ice creams. In a cone. Plus they are pretty cheap: £1.50 for a pack of 4. So not bad if you need a little extra treat during the heatwaves to help you cope. I know I did! They taste exactly how you would expect them to – like vanilla ice cream with some toffee in the middle.


Overall: 7/10. Not the most decadent out there, but a good cheap option if you need something more than just an ice lolly.

T xxx

Jus Rol Pains au chocolate

Bienvenue mon ami!

One thing that everyone can agree on is that a continental breakfast is quite possibly the best version of a breakfast. Sure everyone loves a British fry up but have you ever seen anyone pass up a pain au chocolate?? Exactly.


These are an accidentally vegan, bad-chef friendly version of your favourite french pastries. They do also do a croissant version, but these are my favourite. I am also quite a bad chef, especially when it comes to making anything delicate, such as puff pastry which all pastries seem to require. Therefore these are the best option for me if I fancy a vegan friendly version.


Now when I say that they are idiot-proof I mean they are REALLY hard to get wrong. They come free prepared, and pre-cut to size and all you have to do is put the chocolate strips onto the pastry and roll them. THen you bake them for 15-20 minutes (until golden brown) and there we go…done! The only way you can mess these up is if you leave them in the oven too long and you burn them.


Now these are not quite as good as the originals, mainly because the pastry is obviously pre-made and pre-prepared, so it isn’t as flaky as one prepared fresh. But these are still a really good, quick, and vegan alternative if you just fancy a little treat for breakfast. Here in England it has been 35 degrees (celcuis!!) for the past week and we British folk are not bred for such heat. Therefore these little gems are getting me through my morning when it is too hot to eat anything big first thing in the morning. They are also quite expensive for what you get (these were £2.50 for a pack, and each pack makes 6 pains) so they are not something that I buy on a regular basis. But if I am doing a picnic, or a party or just a fancy breakfast, then these are definitely a must!

Overall: 6/10. They are good, but are definitely a once in a while treat rather than a weekly buy.

T xxx

Sarelle Dark chocolate and Hazelnut bar


I found this little gem while I was meant to be looking for something different. I was down the ‘World Foods’ aisle at my local Tesco when I saw the words ‘chocolate bar’ and lost all memory of why I was down this aisle in the first place.


So this bar – from what I could make out – is like a cream/nougat filled kit kat. It’s chocolate and hazelnut cream, wrapped in a wafer and then covered in dark chocolate. It was labelled suitable for vegetarians and was actually an accidentally vegan product!


There isn’t much to say about this apart from the fact that it is pretty nice. It is quite rich, so one really would be enough to eat in one sitting, but it is also a very light snack so doesn’t fill you up very much. I had this and about ten minutes later I was looking for something else to munch on because I was still hungry. It does have some nice crunch to it and it tasted pretty much like nutella. So can’t really go wrong with that.

Overall: 5/10. It was ok. Definitely worth a try, but it is probably not my go-to for a good chocolate bar.

T xxx

Dark chocolate digestives

So maybe I am late to the game but Tesco do a dark chocolate digestive that is accidentally vegan.


I have not had a chocolate digestive in 4 years (since going vegan basically) and they were one of my favourite cookies when I was a veggie.

There isn’t much to say about these. Personally they don’t taste like dark chocolate – if you gave me a milk one I probably wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference. So if you have been craving or missing chocolate digestives, these are basically the same thing but vegan!


I found these at my local Tesco, but that being said this is the first time I ever seen them in 4 years. So either I wasn’t looking too hard or my Tesco’s sucks…

T xxx